According to a legend, a young girl offered to the King of Aragon, Jaime 1st, a sweet and white beverage; the monarch, delighted with the flavour, asked “Qué es aixo?” (= what is that?) Where the young girl answered “It is milk from the Chufa”. Then the King commented “aixo no es llet, aixo es or xata” (This is not milk; this is gold Darling!). And some people say that the name of Horchata stems from this episode.


Legend or truth, the Horchata is a drink whose essence is the Chufa, a typical tuber from the Valencian orchard. Apart from Jaime 1st being fascinated by the drink, we can safely say that the Horchata of Chufa from Valencia, which was traditionally considered as refreshment, it is more than that: it is a very tasty product, nicely cool when the weather is hot and essencial in the Mediterranean diet through its many benefits for the health. Source: DO Chufa from Valencia.