Who are we?

We are a family company, with registered offices in Alboraya, and we carry out our activity in the sector of the tigernut (= Chufa) dealing with the production, the drying and the wholesale trade of this tuber.


Our product comes from our own fields which we personally take care of and which are located in the geographical frame of the D.O. (Denominación de Origen)1 Chufa of Valencia, hence 100% controlled.


Nearly 100 years of experience in this culture speak for us and our constant aim is to bring the best to the sector with enthusiasm and passion for the traditions. Consequently, we will continue to grow with the objective to satisfy each of our customers who represent our dearest value.


(1) Denominación de Origen is the Spanish name of a label or  Certificate of Origin. In its form, it is very similar to the Frech AOC and covers several concepts. It guarantees, in this case, that the tigernut or Chufa comes from the limited area in the Valencia region, that the seeding, farming, washing, drying and selection of the chufas correspond to the stated parameters stated in the Regulations so as to obtain a product of the uppermost quality. The same applies to the Horchata of Chufa.

Xufes Giner

Who are we?

Almost 100 years of experience in this crop and a white of egg he bets for continuing working and contributing the better thing to the sector.
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